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  • A Memphis Wedding

    A Memphis Wedding

    In 2018, our family gathered in Memphis to celebrate the wedding of our cousin. The festivities took place in a beautiful banquet hall, adorned with elegant decorations and soft lighting. The bride was a vision in her stunning gown, and the groom looked dashing in his tailored suit. The atmosphere was filled with joy and…

  • A Wedding in Vail

    A Wedding in Vail

    The Dotson wedding held in Vail, Colorado in July of 2018 was a breathtaking affair amidst the picturesque Rocky Mountains. The outdoor ceremony took place in a serene meadow, with wildflowers adding a touch of rustic charm. The couple exchanged heartfelt vows, promising to love and cherish each other forever. The reception was held in…

  • Dotson Wedding Shower

    Dotson Wedding Shower

    Hanny, a close friend of the bride-to-be and her fiancĂ©, wanted to throw a memorable wedding shower for the couple, so she decided to host it at her beautiful home in Talbert. The day was perfect, with sunshine filtering through the trees and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves. Hanny had meticulously planned every detail,…