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  • Pre Thanksgiving Workout

    Pre Thanksgiving Workout

    Hanny and Wes powered through their last weight lifting session before Thanksgiving, knowing that “bulk season” was just around the corner. They pushed themselves to their limits, cheering each other on and feeling a sense of accomplishment as they completed their workout routine. With Thanksgiving festivities approaching, they were ready to enjoy some indulgence, knowing…

  • Halloween 2022

    Halloween 2022

    Hanny and Wes went all out for Halloween by dressing up as ancient Roman soldiers. Hanny carried an imposing axe, while Wes brandished a formidable broadsword. They looked impressive in their meticulously crafted costumes, complete with tunics, leather straps, and sandals. However, they opted not to wear helmets, perhaps to showcase their faces and convey…

  • The Nashville Parthenon

    The Nashville Parthenon

    As we embarked on our long road trip to Maine for Leon’s college graduation ceremony, we made a special detour to visit the Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee. The significance of the occasion was not lost on us, and we were eager to celebrate this milestone in Leon’s academic journey. As we approached the impressive…

  • Christmas 2021

    Christmas 2021

    Brother Leon, who had been away studying at Colby College, arrived home for the holidays and joined us for a quick photo in the hearth room before Christmas dinner. As we gathered around the cozy fireplace, we chatted and caught up on each other’s lives. It was heartwarming to have Leon back home with us,…

  • Thanksgiving 2021

    Thanksgiving 2021

    Hanny, Sam, Le, and Wes gathered in the castle-themed room of their home, eagerly anticipating Thanksgiving dinner. They couldn’t resist capturing the moment, so they quickly posed for a photo in front of the regal backdrop. The snapshot captured the joy and warmth of their pre-dinner excitement, and it was a cherished memory that would…

  • Halloween 2021

    Halloween 2021

    On Halloween night, Hanny, Wes, Sam, and Le were all dressed up in their creative costumes. Hanny stood out with her stunning peacock feathers, displaying a vibrant display of colors. Wes was the ultimate zombie, with bloodied clothes and a haunting stare. Sam was the quirky one, as she opted to dress up as a…

  • In Our Living Room

    In Our Living Room

    With no photographer in sight, they quickly set up their camera on a tripod and struck poses in a impromptu photo shoot using the self timer, resulting in some unexpected and delightful snapshots.

  • Heading to Railgarten

    Heading to Railgarten

    Stepping into Railgarten on a Saturday afternoon in Memphis, Tennessee is like stepping into a vibrant oasis of music and energy. The sun shines down on the outdoor stage where a local band is already tuning their instruments, ready to take the stage. The inviting patio is filled with people enjoying the warm weather, sipping…

  • Christmas 2020

    Christmas 2020

    For Christmas, the Talbert family decided to have a festive photoshoot at the Brooks Museum of Art in Memphis, Tennessee. The museum was the perfect backdrop for the family’s holiday-themed photos, with its elegant architecture and charming Christmas decorations. The boys were clearly enjoying themselves and goofing around, while the parents looked on with affectionate…